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Combining the Interests of Private Clients, Trusted Advisors & Portfolio Managers

Our relationships with Financial Advisors & CPAs are of paramount value, professionally monitoring our activities and decisions, providing an objective voice to the portfolio management oversight function.


You the CPA/Advisor work with your clients to profile their portfolio risks, perform needs analysis, prepare their taxes and perform due diligence on their behalf.


We focus on the Market by trading, analyzing risk, optimizing portfolios, rebalancing them when needed, tracking performance along with housekeeping items like fee billing and custody.

Together we help provide your clients with enhanced financial services such as Tax Planning, Financial Planning, Asset Allocation, Estate Planning, Charitable Giving and other related Financial & Investment services all coordinated by our team, with you.

A Partner with proven expertise

Manage Due Diligence

Risk Profiling

Tax Preparation

Needs Analysis

Portfolio Optimization and Analysis

Marketing Proposals

Portfolio Manager Communication

Performance Reporting


Risk Management

Fee Billing


Build & Maintain Client Relationships

Tax Planning

Financial Planning

Asset Allocation

Estate Planning

Charitable Giving

Investment Policy Statement

Archer Investment Corporation

You - CPA, Advisor

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Archer Investment Corporation serves as a trusted partner of individuals and families, providing investment management solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s situation and goals.


As a Registered Investment Advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, we take an objective and proactive approach and have assembled a team of investment professionals with decades of experience in analyzing securities, managing investment portfolios and formulating investment strategies.


Our approach is designed to create a plan that achieves your near- and long term goals.

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